About Us


Dean and Cynthia are the founders of DLMartin Ministries, Inc. This 501(c)(3) non-profit organization exists to proclaim the gospel using all forms of media. Dean, Cynthia and the teams that work with them goal is to set the captive free, love, restore, teach and train. Restoring the body of Christ to what it was intended to be.

Dean was raised in a ministry home. His parents were in ministry for many years. They ministered in prisons, Gospel Business men’s association and also traveled the East Coast as a tent evangelist. Dean turned away to follow his own life in his twenties. He spent ten plus years doing his own thing. In his mid thirties he re-committed his life to follow the Lord fully and has never turned back. Dean has served the media/television department of several churches in the evenings and weekends for many years. He has designed and help implement media departments in many of those ministries. The Lord moved upon his heart to facilitate a men’s ministry group for hurting and broken men. Also, during this time the Lord revealed through a dream the importance of people understanding the signs of the times. Since that time he has devoted himself to teaching utilizing a “show and tell” style to explain the advancements of technology in relationship to end times.

Cynthia grew up in rural Michigan and entered into true relationship with the Lord at the age of thirty-eight. She had lived a plastic religious life until that point. She moved to Pensacola to follow the call the Lord had issued when she was a teenager. During ministry school the Lord spoke to Cynthia of a teaching ministry to include media. It wasn’t until she met and married Dean that the beginning of that word was fulfilled. Her life proclaims that God is about restoring the broken, setting free the captive and fulfilling the purpose we were designed for. She operates in a prophetic teaching capacity. Her style is one of practical application. She speaks truth and challenges all to live to the fullest in relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Lord put together two very different individuals and created this dynamic team both with their own style and ministry calling. Dean and Cynthia met while working together with a deliverance ministry. Since that time they labored together to bring freedom to the captives.

Part of the problem as they see it is that believers today live far below Biblical promises and truth. Religion has replaced relationship. Many don’t know or understand basic Christian principles. People, relationships and ministries are dying empty. Christianity is many times understood as a dead boring religion, without the goods to back up its claims. Those who do desire to follow the Lord and fulfill God’s call for them do not have the tools or opportunities to do so. Yet they believe time is very short and few Christians understand the how close the second coming of the Lord is. Dean and Cynthia believe the solution is to build strong and victorious believers through the message of healing, deliverance, restoration, discipleship, and hope. Training Believer’s who live out their faith in their daily lives, proclaiming His plan and purposes on the earth today.

Both Dean and Cynthia are ordained ministers, committed to proclaiming the gospel with whatever tools available. They use the Holy Bible as their guidance and basis of truth. They are accountable to a ministry board, and Apostolic Association of Related Ministers. They are not licensed counselors, therapists, psychologists or psychiatrist. They are Ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ.