Forgiveness Letters and Instructions

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This booklet has been put together to assist those who want to know more about the power of forgiveness. It includes instructions on how to forgive with tools to assist those who are not sure how to get started. It also serves as a companion to the DVD Real Life Forgiveness Stories.


Real Life Forgiveness Stories

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Real life forgiveness stories is an interview with Janet Sudduth and Cynthia Martin two life coaches/Pastoral counselors. They discuss their own personal stories and those of others in which they have worked with. A great informational and teaching resource.


Ten Steps to Freedom and Healing

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Ten Steps to Freedom and Healing is a great tool to be used as a self help manual, as a guide for a small group study, or for those who want to help others on the path to wholeness. This book addresses issues relating to salvation, soul ties, wounding, generational influences, identity and other powerful revelations of God's plan for our life.

Cynthia is a gifted teacher and life coach. Her upfront style has helped many move into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.


Real Life Lessons and Questions

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Life is too precious to not understand why we are here and what our role is. Real Life Lessons and Questions is the life story of one who discovered the hidden depths of identity, value, and purpose. Follow as she travels through life, mastering the issues that kept her bound. Maybe you've asked some of those same questions. There has to be more than this? Are you real God? Do you really want me? Why? Can I truly experience and know you? Will I ever be real? Is it okay to be me? Who am I? How can I fulfill my purpose when I am full of anger, shame and low self esteem? The book is relevant to those who know God and those who do not. It is written in the author's style of direct to the point, yet practical and simple to understand and apply. It is the hope of the author that you will find deliverance, healing and freedom.


Teach Me About Cleansing

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This teaching is about the Biblical principle of cleansing. Taken from the Old Testament examples of washing and the process of cleansing items in the tabernacle. In our relationship with the Lord we need daily cleansing to get the world and influences cleaned off.


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