Personal Ministry

DL Martin Ministries, offers a limited amount of individual pastoral spiritual counseling as well as deliverance and inner healing. Classes and seminars are taught on a regular basis locally as well. The Martins also travel to minister and teach.

We believe Jesus came so that those who are captive can be set free. We also believe people are captive to many things, themselves, the world, belief systems and other life controlling issues.

We do not believe a Christian can be demon possessed. However we do believe because of open areas in our lives (usually sin) the demonic at times does afflict or oppress believers.

If you are interested in receiving ministry or attending a class contact the office for more information or to schedule an appointment.

As an additional help check our resources available for download and or purchase.

Testimonials of those who have come for ministry:

"I came for ministry with many specific issues. Every problem area I needed to have addressed was dealt with and handled with strictest confidence." ~JB, Alabama.

"I came with a past that included physically and mentally abusive relationships. The ministry was not only effective in dealing with the obvious issue, but they were also able to help me identify issues that were so buried that only God could reveal these to me." ~PC, Michigan

"I was skeptical about the ministry, but desperate to be free! The Lord's blessing and anointing is truly on this ministry, The Holy Spirit was the healer and the revealer." ~DRG, Texas

"I was set free. My husband and I went because he said he needed it. I thought I didn't. I was set free and my heart was healed. I never realized that a part of my heart was locked away until we attended." ~LS, Bermuda

"I was raised in a preacher's home and I married a preacher. Even though I was in 'the ministry,' I had wounds and issues. The ministry was so complete that it has changed how I see myself and the way I minister to others." ~JS, Florida

"I came with great 'walls' of protection around me. As I was ministered to and the 'walls' came down, I have seen lasting results in my relationships with other people." ~CF, Louisiana

"Having been a Christian for nearly 20 years, I struggled with a tormenting fear. Not only was I set free from fear, but healed from deep wounds from childhood. Whether serving in leadership or if you are a new Christian I recommend this ministry." ~JS, Florida