Seminars and Retreats

Shaped to Serve
shaped-to-serveShaped to Serve has been designed as a weekend retreat for those wanting to start again with a clean slate. This retreat is great for young believers and as an introduction to deliverance ministry. The retreat is focused on teaching and ministry in the areas of pride, forgiveness, fear, shame, anger, control, generational influences, abuse, healing and deliverance.

Foundations class is a basic course in Christianity. Many believers do not know what they believe and why. This course takes us back to the basics with practical application tips. When our foundation is strong we can build healthy people, families, churches, communities and cities.

Armor Up!
armor-upDid you know we are at war? We are involved in spiritual warfare if we are a Christian. An easy definition of spiritual warfare is when two opposite collide. Spiritual warfare is when the kingdom darkness and the kingdom of light collide.

We are at war with an enemy who has come to steal, kill and destroy. We serve a God who has come to bring life. This series is about being able to recognize and understand that we are in a battle with the World system, our own flesh and the devil. It is about learning to tell which one of those we are fighting. Then we will be able to apply the correct solution to see an answer. This series teaches you to live the truth. The truth is that the ultimate war has already been won. Our job is to declare and live the victory. How do we do that? Why does it look like we are losing if the Lord has already won? These questions and others are discussed with practical tools given to live life as God intended us to live.

This class is taught in a six week format. However it can be adapted into a retreat or seminar format. Presently the class is available and formatted in an audio format with a data disk with downloadable manual and slide show corresponding to the teaching. It is available to purchase through our bookstore

Better Living for Better Communication
Better Living for Better Communication is a fun seminar to teach men and women about the differences in how men and women communicate and process information. Men and women are different on purpose and it is part of Gods plan and design for us to live life to the fullest. Understanding the opposite gender helps us to work together better in relationship and in work place situations. This seminar is a light hearted, fun and very helpful. It is great for marriage retreats, and pre marriage classes.

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